Buffalo Game Day Cornish Hens

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Getting ready to watch the big game this weekend and want to step up the flavor? This recipe has that 50 yard line Flavor that will score a TD with your Family and Friends.

2-4 Cornish Hens (Cut in Half)

1Tbls Corn Starch

1 Single pack Flaps Griller + 1 Single pack Flaps Jack or Tail and Father if you want more spice.


Salt (for brine)

1 cup Favorite hot sauce + 1/2 stick butter

Half the Cornish hens and place them in ice water with 1 cup salt to let brine. Mix Corn Starch, Griller and Flapjack or Tail and Feather together and set aside. After 1 hour remove hens from brine and pat dry and coat them with seasoning blend. Preheat oven @275. Place Hens in oven and cook for 30 mins, remove and brush them with butter or coat lightly with cooking spray every 20 mins until they reach 175. Remove and let rest for 20 mins, then brush them with hot sauce and place them in warm oven to let sauce set. Pour remaining sauce in serving dish placing the hens on top and garnish with green onions. 

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