Char-Griller Akron Review

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Looking for a highly portable versatile cooker look no further than Char-Griller acorn Junior. The Char-Griller Akron Jr. comes all in one box and some assembly is required. Legs, handle, top heat damper, and hood all has to be assembled but a simple screwdriver is the only tool you need. It took roughly 30 minutes to get fully assembled and ready to rock and roll.

I sprayed the inside with a light coat of canola oil making sure I sprayed the charcoal grate and grill grates evenly. I started a half chimney of charcoal and let it get white hot before dumping it in. The burn in took about an hour and a half running around 300°. 

For my first cook I used lump charcoal and cooked a Boston butt. Running it low and slow took a little bit of dialing in but I found the bottom damper slightly cracked and the top damper at one gave me a consistent temp between 250 and 275. This grill is great for tailgating or as a second grill at the house for steaks hamburgers pork chops, it can cook low and slow or buy a set of grill grates and crank up the heat. This little girl would also be great for an SCA event. I give it five stars Pick yours up today at

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