Chicken 1/2 smoked for that one bite goodness.

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Legs, thighs, wings oh my! Why not mix it up and try this recipe for Competition half chicken right out of the BCA

- We took a 3.5 lb bird split the breast bone and removed the back. Remove all excess fat around the thigh and leg.
- Brined using garlic butter marinade and brown sugar and let it sit for 1hr.
- Remove from brine and pat dry then season the underside with your favorite rub (we used Flaps 20 CPR) let sit 10mins
- Turn skin side up, tie or pin wing for uniform shape and season let seasoning sweat for 20mins
- We coated skin side with Duck Fat and smoked @300 to @350, spray every 30mins with butter.
- We wanted that one bite skin so we cooked till thighs temped at 195°
- Let rest for 15 mins and enjoy
- Kick the Tire, lite the Fire. It's BBQ time

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