Cook Like the Pros

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I have been competing for a few years now and I will tell you getting stayed was hard. I was watching hours and hours of how to videos and blending countless rubs combinations only to fall short at comps. Then It hit me, there is no 1 perfect rub or sauce, not one fail safe cooking method. I started writing results down, doing practice cooks and you know what I started getting calls. Then we carefully blended our C.P.R to be that prefect backyard rub and great combo to take to comps. So wanna know our award winning combo? Here they are:

  1. C.P.R + Tail and Feather = Ribs with a little Heat
  2. C.P.R + Check Ride = Sweet and Savory Ribs
  3. C.P.R + Thriller = Texas meets Memphis Beef Brisket
  4. C.P.R + Wing Dust = Chicken w/ a bite

Let us know your Combo, even if it uses another brand.

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