Griller Seasoned Chicken Breast Stuffed with Fresh Asparagus and Cheese

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4 Chicken Breast, Asparagus, 4 Slices Provolone Cheese, (Bacon or Onions Optional)

Prepare Chicken Breast by placing them in ziplock bag and pounding until uniform thickness. Lay Chicken flat on counter and season with Griller then place sliced cheese and apox. 4-5 pieces of asparagus the length of the breast (Bacon and Sliced Onion Optional) roll and tie tightly with butcher twine. Lightly season top of chicken and let set 20-30 mins before cooking.

Coat Pan with olive oil then preheat on medium until pan begins to lightly smoke. Once heated place chicken in pan and sear evenly on all sides. Once seared place in 375° preheated oven and cook for 30 min or until chicken is 165°. Serve on top of rice and enjoy

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