Jealous Devil Charcoal Review

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Jealous Devil Charcoal (Chunx, Maxxx. XL Lump)

Jealous Devil is sourced from all natural self-sustained South American Hardwood called Quebracho Blanco meaning “Axe –Breaker”. This fuel provides high heat, less ash and zero sparking and popping

which makes it great for backyard or competition and even restaurants. We love to use both Chunx and XL Lump in our drums; it provides consistent heat and unmatched burn times. Loading our drum with 10lbs will keep us cooking for over 10 hrs @275° and can be cranked up to 400° with-in minutes. 

The Maxxx is their line of briquettes and are about 25% larger than the standard store bought. A full chimney will take about 30 minutes to become white hot and will run grill temps between 400° to over 700° with-in minutes. The Maxx is the only fuel we trust for our SCA cooks, we use it in our Nomad 250. It burns clean with low ash. ¾ of a chimney is all we need to compete in a double event.

JD is our go to competition fuel and it keeps us running hot, and keeps us walking on Saturdays. Do yourself a favor and elevate you BBQ today

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