Mac Daddy Shrimp Mac

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Seafood lovers will be amazed with this seafood Mac n Cheese dish. We made ours with shrimp but you can add lobster or crawfish to make your own. 

1 Jar Alfredo Sauce

1/2 Cup Gouda shredded

1/4 Cup Asiago

1/2 stick butter

1lb Boiled Shrimp

1-2lbs boiled corkscrew pasta

We love shrimp boils so we start with boiling water, add 1 lemon cut in half and 2 packets of Tail and Feather stir well and let boil for 5 mins.  Then add the shrimp and let boil for 2 - 5 mins and remove from water. (Recipe Idea, save the water and boil noddles for a great seafood side dish)

In a medium pot add your cheese and butter and simmer until creamy. In larger boil mix cooked noddles, shrimp (peeled and divined) and slowly pour cheese sauce over while mixing. (To add a kick add a few splashes of hot sauce) Transfer to a oven safe dish and top with crumbled ritz crackers. Cook it at 350 for 45mins, want to mix it up? Try cooking it on the grill or smoker for an add flavor pop.

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