No Fry, Fried Chicken Tenders

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No air fryer no problem, I have made an easy step by step guide to make the perfect chicken tenders for the big game without having to dunk them in hot oil. This recipe can be done on any style cooker as long as it can reach 400­°to 425°.

1 cup All Purpose Flour / 1 Tbls Corn Starch / 10-12 chicken tenders / Can Spray Oil (Canola) / Seasoning 

To flavor the tenders simply add the following to the flour:

Regular 1 pk Flap Jack rub + 2 tsp salt

Hot 1 pk Flap Jack + 1 pk Flaps Dust

Cajun 1 pk Flap Jack + 1 pk Tail and Feather

BBQ 1 pk Flap Jack + 1 pk CPR

or try your own combo and let us know

Preheat grill (using a mild charcoal no wood) or oven to 400° to 425°. Mix ingredients and season packs together and blend well. Add the chicken tenders and shake until all tenders are covered with flour mixture, then lay them out on flat a pan and spray lightly with cooking oil and let rest until the cooker comes to temp. Place the tenders in the preheated cooker and cook for 30 mins, then flip the tenders coating them again with spray. Cook until they reach an internal temperature of 165° remove them from cooking surface and let cool. Serve these with you favorite dipping sauce and enjoy.

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