Southern Done Kalua Pork

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Warm Water, ½ Cup Sea Salt, 2 Tbls Liquid Smoke, ½ Cup Brown Sugar

2 Bay Leaves, Fresh Collard Green Whole

  • Mix warm water, sea salt liquid smoke, brown sugar until all ingredients are dissolved
  • Add pork butt bay leaves and ice, you may have to add water until Pork is fully submerged.
  • Let Brine for 4-12hrs in refrigerator or ice chest making sure to maintain a safe temp.
  • Lay out several Leaves on work service and place pork in the center, wrapping the leaves tightly around and securing with butcher twine.
  • Prepare you smoker with mix of wood and charcoal (mesquite works best for flavor)
  • Place wrapped Pork Butt on smoker and cook between 225 and 250 until internal temp is 195.
  • Let rest for an hour, then enjoy on a bed of Rice.

Tip: Prep your Collard Leaves by soaking in water to make more pliable and easier to work with

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