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Have you grabbed you favorite rub or spice only to find it clumped and hard? Here are a few tips to keep them flowing smooth. 

  1. Humidity will play tricks with your spices, causing them to clump together in their jars or containers.
  2. Storing your spices in airtight containers in a cool, dark place is the first step in preventing clumping.
  3. Always store spices away from heat sources, light and moisture.
  4. Don't buy bulk, only buy what you will use in 6 months.
Also, remember that steam causes excess moisture… so, shaking spices over a pot of soup or boiling liquid will force unwanted moisture into a spice container!

Don't worry if you still find them clumped don't just toss them in the garbage. Run them through a coffee grinder or blender and they will be good as new.

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