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    Can't decide which Flaps Flavor Rub or Seasoning you want to try, or which is your favorite? Then Pick up all of them with our Flavor Bundle.

    7oz Thriller, 5oz Cowboy, 7oz Griller, 5oz Check Ride, 6oz Wing Dust,

    5oz Flap Jack Chicken Rub, 6.5oz Tail and Feather, 5oz SPAR, 16oz Black Magic

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    Mesa, Arizona

    Around the World with Flaps 20

    After trying several Flaps 20 rubs and Sauces..I knew I had to try them all. They did not disappoint. The assortment lends itself to any type of cuisine you may wish to cook. I am hooked. Just tried Tail and Feather tonight to break in a new Akorn grill...OMG the flavor and aroma of the chicken and veggies were absolutely amazing...I suggest you keep an assortment of Flaps 20 on Coast Guard terms that is being "Semper Paratus" always ready for a great meal !