Moo Magic Marinade

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    Pick up the Magic today and change you're steak game forever. Moo Magic is blended with big beefy flavor, a hint of smoke and the perfect blend of salt and spices that takes your meat to flavor town. We didn't stop there, we even dialed in the tenderizer so you can pack in even more Flavor! You can marinate up to an hour without worrying about your texture.

    Marinade: Add 1/4 cup to 10.5 - 16oz liquid and mix well. Add liquid to meat and marinate for 20mins or up to an hour.

    Injection: Add 1/3 cup to 10.5 oz consume and 12oz water and mix well (can be mixed up to a day ahead and refrigerated) 

    Flavor Enhancer: Add between 1TBLS to 1/4 Cup to bring the flavor to gravy, roast or soups

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    The Magic is the MOO!!

    Moo Magic has been competition tested in the Steak Cookoff Assoc (SCA) and receiving high calls weekly on the Steak Trail. Does not over power the meat while elevation both texture and taste. Easy to mix with either beef broth or stock, soak your steaks or roasts for 30min to an hour then cook as normal. With the price of beef on the rise, you can take a tough piece if beef to a new level.
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    Its Magic

    This weekend it had 5 top 10 calls and 16 teams had texture scores of 49+. This stuff is awesome
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