What's in the Name "Flaps 20"

How did Flaps 20 Sauces and Rubs get its name? Flaps change the shape of an airplane’s wing which allows for greater lift at slower minimum speed as the crew prepares for landing. You have seen or heard the flaps move prior to landing every time you fly on a commercial aircraft! Both Jeff and Travis know that the call for “Set Flaps 20” means it is time to go home. With a combined 36 years of active duty military service, it’s almost time for Jeff and Travis to lower their "Flaps to 20" and make their final landing…into retirement where they can continue to enjoy family, friends, and great food through the adventures and successes of Flaps 20 Sauces and Rubs.

An Idea is Born

Just a couple of military guys with BBQ in their veins and aviation in their hearts! Join Jeff and Travis as they navigate the exciting world of small business and share their master craft of small-batch sauces and rubs with the world! Flaps 20 took flight when Jeff and Travis first combined the flavors of "the way Dad use to make it" with the influences of the great places they’ve experienced in their 36 years of combined military service. They carefully created the Flaps 20 season blends and sauces using only the finest ingredients to capture the best flavors and bring them home to you. No matter if you are from Down South, along the Gulf Coast, out West, or parts in between, we have something for every taste. Grab some Flaps 20 Sauces and Rubs and enjoy a taste of home. Here’s to Family, Friends and Good Food!!!

About The Crew:

Travis Patterson Owner/Marketing Guru/Pitmaster

Travis has served over 16 years in the United States Coast Guard with a tour or two in some great BBQ states: Alabama, Oregon, and North Carolina. He is currently stationed and lives in Mobile, Alabama with his family. His passion for cooking started at an early age and he has spent the last 25+ years sharpening his skills on the grill. An award-winning BBQ Pitmaster and leader of the acclaimed Flaps Up BBQ team, he puts Flaps 20 Sauces and Rubs front and center in his competition cooking…AND has the awards to prove it! You can win at home with the same products Travis uses. Order some for yourselves here today

Jeff Mays Co-Founder

With more than 20 years of honorable military service spent at a variety of duty stations, Jeff credits his cooking style to the diverse regions he has been fortunate to serve in. Each duty station has added a couple more recipes to the cookbook and inspirations for the sauces and rubs we bring to our customers. This collection of recipes has always felt like “home” to Jeff and his family—something that brings back fond memories of great times and places. Great meals spent with friends and family are at the core of the Flaps 20 brand and we hope to help you make some memories of your own!

Sauce and Rubs Awards: 

  • 7th Place Cowboy Rub National BBQ News "Rubs of Honor
  • 1st Place Sauce 2019 Butlerfest
  • 1st Place Chicken 2019 Butlerfest
  • 1st Place Chicken 2019 Heavenly Hog
  • 1st Place Pork 2019 Heavenly Hog
  • 3rd Place Ribs Grillin & Chillin
  • 3rd place Chicken BBQ Throwdown
  • 6th Place Ribs 2019 BBQ Throwdown
  • 9th Place Hot Rub American Royal
  • 2020 will be a big Year