An Idea is Born:

We were just a couple of military guys with BBQ in their veins and aviation in their hearts! Jeff and Travis jumped into the exciting world of small business and shared their master craft of small-batch sauces and rubs with the world! What's with the Name? Flaps change the shape of an airplane’s wing which allows for greater lift at slower speeds as the plane prepares for landing. Now it’s time to lower the "Flaps to 20" right into retirement where they can continue to enjoy family, friends, and great food through the adventures and successes of Flaps 20 Sauces and Rubs.

About The Crew:
The award-winning BBQ Pitmaster of the Flaps Up BBQ team, Travis uses his 25+ years of cooking experience to bring the Flavor. He makes sure Flaps 20 Sauces and Rubs are front and center in all his competition cooking…AND has the awards to prove it!

Caray: Wife/SCA
Competition BBQ has always been a family affair, but last year Caray decided to jump into the Steak world with both feet. She has been dialing up the flavors and was able to qualify for the Alabama Steak Championship.

Their Daughter: SCA/BCA/KCBS Kids Que
Their daughter does more than just hold her own in the BBQ world she Kills it. She only started cooking a few years ago but is already racking up quite a collection of trophies.

Sauce and Rubs Awards:2020-2021

All American Smokers KCBS
-1st Place Sauce
-10th Place Chicken
Down South Grillfest SCA
-5th Place
Christmas On the River
-5th Place Ribs
-5th Place Chicken
-3rd Place Overall
Christmas on Coast BCA
-8th Place Rib
-7th Place Brisket
-0th Place Overall
Foley BBQ & Blues KCBS
-1st Place Anything Butt (Lizzie)
-1st Place Sauce
-3rd Place Chicken
-3rd Place Ribs
Reserve Grand Champion