What is our resident pitmasters go to for award-winning Texas BBQ flavor? Thriller of course! This rub is Flaps’ All-Purpose (AP) rub and is great for Brisket, Tri-Tip or even beer-can chicken and pork butts.

7oz Net Wt 

Salt, Spices, Garlic, Onion, Dried Chiles, Rice Hulls (Anti-Caking) "No MSG"

Product may Cake but don't worry just break it up or blend it. Click here for tips

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    Flaps 20 Thriller is our go to seasoning for that "Texas" BBQ taste. Big bold flavors this simple all around rub goes great on Brisket, Tri-Tip or Beer Can Chicken and Ribs. So kick the tire and light the fire its BBQ time.

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    New Jersey , USA

    Flaps 20 Thriller

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    I’ve been using since Flaps20 rubs since April 2018 and have absolutely love the taste as well as my family! Highly recommend!

    Big Flavor

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    • I going to run out of it lol
    I loved the thriller rub!!! I use it with beef and it will take any cut to the next level. Provides great texture on my brisket and packs an even better flavor. I also used this on my steaks, it was until I used this rub that I finally found my flavor profile that I like in a good steak! You can tell all the ingredients are of high quality, and no corners were cut in making this product. Can’t wait to try some more of the flaps products!!!

    Just restocking

    I use these rubs for everything from popcorn to wagu, from asparagus to baby back ribs, from stews to fried chicken and anything I put on the smoker !!! The quality is excellent, the value is awesome and the guys there are real grillers 👍🏻


    Beef Rib Blowout!

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    Same event I just mentioned in my Wing Dust review, my brother-in-law's birthday party. Not a lot of people tangle with beef ribs in an error where baby-backs are "king" but we sure do. Three ingredients that day: beef ribs, Thriller Rub, and smoke. Nothing leftover, nothing left to say except "I think I just overate again." A little went a long way. We served 40 grown men and only had to use a half of a bottle of rub. So much flavor for the price.